The EPOX-ZU5R consists of a combination of epoxy and urethane resins two-component high quality, 100 % solids, solvent free, pigmented with quartz aggregates in a thickness of 4.0 mm. This coating is designed to protect your floors and increase their resistance to mechanical wear of bearings, hydraulic skates, and the constant passage of personnel. It is also designed to withstand occasional chemical spills.

The EPOX-ZU5R System is an integral monolithic floor, seamless, secure, aesthetic and easy to clean.

The EPOX-ZU5R system can be applied on concrete floors, clay tiles, terrazzo, granite, basalt quarry tile.

The system comes in combinations in white, gray, green, red, yellow and blue colors.

The EPOX-ZU5R coating is fast-setting and early implementation. Does not create dust. It is easy to clean, it is monolithic, comprehensive, seamless, achieving a folder bearing facilitates providing security to the load. It also gives order and aesthetics to its production plant to reduce costs and easy maintenance.


All EPOXIPOL systems are guaranteed for one year against defects in implementation, detachment and poor quality of materials, although they are designed to last more than ten years with minimal maintenance.



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