Cementitious Urethane

Cementitious Urethane

The Epox-Urethane is a coating of high durability and strength, uniform color, fast commissioning and three-component is based on the unique technology of polyurethane / cement dispersed in water , easy to apply, suitable for floors subjected to heavy loads, high abrasion and chemical exposures.



The EPOX-Urethane is recommended as a base coat for waterproof coatings, concrete repair deteriorated and as a finish for areas of wet processes or high performance requirements, such as:

•Chambers of frozen and refrigerated.

• Food Industry.

• Areas subjected to thermal shock.

• Metal Engineering.

• Mining Industry.

• Chemical Industry.

• To receive platform.



• Low odor, water-based.

• Fast Cure.

• Insensitive to moisture.

• Easy Maintenance.

• High Chemical Resistance.

• Excellent adhesion.

• Food Grade.

• Wash steam.

• No corrosive or toxic.



The system comes in a wide range of colors.



All EPOXIPOL systems are guaranteed for one year against defects in implementation, detachment and poor quality of materials, although they are designed to last more than ten years with minimal maintenance.


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