Prefabricated Waterproofing

Prefabricated Waterproofing


The prefabricated waterproofing mantles are a combination of a selection made ​​with atactic polypropylene ( APP). Have a membrane reinforcing polyester or fiberglass and thickness depending ensures 3.0 , 3.5 , 4.0 , 4.5 , 5.0 etc.

The Precast Waterproofing is a flexible product that can stand up to mechanical stress during and after installation , plus a weather resistance.

Waterproofing Precast has been developed and tested to meet the specifications of any place which has been designed taking into account climatic conditions and resistance material must endure .

The Mantle of Prefabricated waterproofing can be applied by anyone without special training, but it is always recommended that a specialized technician with the proper tools to avoid accidents make waterproofing to avoid future complications.


Prefabricated waterproofing with SBS (styrene butadiene styrene) internally reinforced with a polyester membrane or fiberglass . Finish sand, gravel or warp.


Prefabricated asphalt-based Waterproofing high quality, APP (Polypropylene Tactical) Reinforced fiberglass or polyester. Finish sand, gravel or warp.


Prefabricated waterproofing with Asphalt modified thermoplastic polyolefins of high elasticity and resistance to Weathering & Inclement.


Manufactured Waterproofing Membrane 3.5 mm thickness . With Thermofusion Application with Butane gas torch to melt the asphalt and adhere to the surface . Red Gravel finish.


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