The ZIG ZAG, FLAT MESH and MESH L are the indispensable complement of PANEL W. Its use is required to ensure structural continuity in all joints between panels.

The ANCHOR W: A connector simple and practical use which serves to anchor the W PANEL (non-structural applications) to floors, walls or ceilings, existing.

ZIG ZAG: W PANEL exclusive accessory which provides unsurpassed mechanical anchoring between the panels to be joined, this is achieved by bending the ends with iron hook, from top to bottom on one side and from the bottom up in the other.

SCREEN L: Provides a booster joints between panels squad which performed easily by holding them by annealing wire ties on both sides. It is also used to provide reinforcement around the perimeter of doors and windows.

FLAT SCREEN: The FLAT SCREEN provides an anchor by lap steel, this is done centering on the bonding and fixing it with annealed wire ties with both panels. The union should always be done on both sides. It is also used to cover the premises in case of cuts PANEL W.



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