The Epox-Dissipative floor coverings are to be drained and / or dissipate static charges landing personnel, equipment or other objects in contact with the floor surface or that controls the generation and accumulation of static charges.



The EPOX-Dissipative it is recommended for areas of light and heavy work in all surface cleaning where the condition is a priority and static control is relevant in different areas, for example:

• Electronic Assemblers.

• Automotive Industry.

• Computer Rooms.

• Clothes Stores.

• Production of synthetic fibers.

• Quality control laboratories.

• Hospitals.



• Electrostatic conductive.

• Good chemical and mechanical resistance.

• Easy installation due to its fluidity.

• Impervious to liquids.

• Resistant to water and oil.

• Very good adhesion to the substrate.

• Semi-gloss finish.

• Does not attack the reinforcement or mechanical elements.

• No corrosive or toxic.



The system comes in a wide range of colors.



All EPOXIPOL systems are guaranteed for one year against defects in implementation, detachment and poor quality of materials, although they are designed to last more than ten years with minimal maintenance.




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