The EPOX-CA is a combination of two component epoxy resins high quality, 100% solids, solvent-free, with selected aggregates and pigmented silica sand (quartz) , imported 100 % pure without xenoliths, chromium and lead free (food grade), application in situ, in a thickness of 1 to 6 mm. This coating is designed to protect your floors and increase your endurance.



The EPOX-CA it is recommended for wet areas, with water or oil spills in the entire surface or ramps where the slip condition is a factor of safety and aesthetics, for example:

• Beverage production areas.

• Areas cooling or freezing.

• Areas washing.

• Pools.

• Baths and Saunas.



• It is an integral monolithic coating without joints.

• Texture Semi -skid.

• Excellent adhesion.

• Aesthetic.

• Easy cleaning.

• Minimum maintenance.



The system comes in a wide range of colors.



All EPOXIPOL systems are guaranteed for one year against defects in implementation, detachment and poor quality of materials, although they are designed to last more than ten years with minimal maintenance.




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