Acrylic Waterproofing

Acrylic waterproofing


Waterproofing Acrylic  is a fast, safe and effective way to prevent leaks in the roof , because it is a material made ​​of various resins and drying becomes an impermeable layer between water and the surface.




1.- The Waterproofing acrylic is suitable for any kind of weather - cold remains flexible , will not crack or dry out in the heat, it is affected by ultraviolet radiation as a result of sun exposure long term , ozone resistant , rain acid and air pollution and traffic of people.
2.- Waterproofing Acrylic Pro environment - acrylic water-based coatings do not contain toxic dispersants or inks , ideal for ceilings used to collect rainwater, safety precautions for applicators are the same as for paints based house of water.
3.- It sticks to almost anything - Acrylic Waterproofing containing suitable substrates for proper adhesion , including asphalt , metal , concrete and rigid foam insulation.
4.- Variety of colors: architectural , such as red , green and gray on the roofs of concrete and metal colors ; The white acrylic waterproofing buildings and significantly keeps homes cooler in the summer , save energy and minimize urban heat.
5.- Economic because the cost is less than Acrylic Waterproofing Systems Waterproofing other , with their respective Guarantee Policy.

Flexible and resistant to the bad weather, traffic and weather waterproofing.

Warranty 3-10 years.


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